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In every Australian garage is an unloved chair... Little Red Industries aims to find them and completely revamp them to last another lifetime. Great design choices, unique finishes and fabrics and smart repairs combine with a guarantee that sturdiness and a solid structure always come first. If you're after a certain style or something special Little Red Industries can source it for you.

News & Media

Who's on your dream team?

Renovating doesn’t have to include stuff-ups and budget blow-outs if you know what you’re doing – or employ someone who does. While you’ve probably researched a builder, what about the trades you didn’t even know you needed? 

Natasha’s shared her tips on setting up a reno dream team with Inside Out magazine.


weekend DIY IN 3 Easy Steps

What's on the top of your DIY to-do list?

Natasha's guessing you might need to spruce up your courtyard pavers, revive old furniture or make a chalkboard, so she had a chat with to show how it's done. 


What's your perfect DIY gift?

What's the best present you've ever received? More importantly, what's on your wish list?

When the fabulously curated online shop asked Natasha for her favourite, can you guess what she said? Find out here.



How would you spruce up a faux Victorian door flanked by etched sidelights and fronted with a banging brown aluminium screen? 

‘Smash it out!’ says Natasha, who replaced it with midcentury Palm Springs-style that totally packs a colour punch. Homes to Love thought it was a winner too!


My 3-step secret to winning diy

In every Aussie garage is a piece of furniture that just needs some DIY with a designer eye to make it useful and beautiful again. One way to find these pieces is to get onto Gumtree. Then follow Natasha’s tried-and-true 3-step formula to DIY success that she shares on a video with


Bagging a designer bargain

Furniture-maker Natasha loves finding collectible vintage classics, especially if they’re Australian! She had a chat to Today Plus on Channel Nine about the secret to designer success (hint: try shopping on Gumtree!).


Where is little red's reno?

Considering a move to the country? Natasha talks to about leaving the Rat Race for a quieter coastal Australia. This is where her Little Red’s Reno is happening!


when to call in the tradies

If you’re planning DIY home improvements but not sure what you can work on and what to leave to the experts, check out the top tips professional renovator Natasha shared with Common Cents.


Aussie life at little red industries hq

Want to see an inspiring clip that makes you proud to be an Aussie? 

Furniture-maker Natasha was filmed in the workshop of Little Red Industries HQ for a TV commercial for TAL Life Insurance and their This Australian Life campaign. 

Tash confesses she did that same cutting move with her Festool about 28 times over the four-hour shoot. Blink and you’ll miss her on TV, so lucky she popped up around Sydney on a couple of billboards and in their digital marketing!


time to hit the road

When Better Homes & Gardens magazine asked Natasha if she’d like to trial the Rust-O-Leum flooring system for their special Bunnings pages there was a loud ‘Yes please!’ It’s the perfect solution to making the barn-like double-garage at Little Red’s Reno cleaner, brighter and more practical. 


Tv reno shows vs real life renos

Ever wondered if all those renovating shows on TV have an impact on the way Australians nest? Professional renovator Natasha has! She explains to
The Sydney Morning Herald why Aussies are more house-proud than ever and why home improvement as an industry will never die. 


most valuable chair ever

Can you imagine that a rickety old yellow chair found on Gumtree can be worth $4000? Well Natasha owns it! She shares her secrets to making the most of Australia’s fast-growing second-hand economy with Channel 7’s Today Tonight.

The story also featured in the Money section of Daily Telegraph and Herald Sun.


How little red industries began

Find out a more about furniture designer and maker Natasha in her interview with Jetstar magazine. She left a career as a magazine editor to pursue her belief that there’s an unloved piece of furniture in every Aussie garage that just needs a little TLC to make it relevant again.

It started her on the road to DIY greatness!


UPCYCLE LIKE A boss lady

Bet you’ve never seen a large steel drum converted into a cool midcentury style writing desk! Read how it was done on and check out the cutest-ever 15-second DIY video art directed and styled by Natasha.


Fashionable furniture

Little Red Industries builds custom props or hires out furniture for photography and especially loves a fashion shoot, dahhling. Absorb online fashion magazine needed a retro stool to take centre stage and make their models look good. Thanks Nicola Burford Makeup Artist for a fabulous paint job!


how to diy around the home

Gardening Australia magazine needed some nicely-shot how-to DIY projects to spruce up their practical pages for a relaunch in 2014. DIY specialist Natasha called on her media skills to design, build, style and write up some classy content.


ROd, you're in my heart

Natasha discovered the Little Red Industries vintage brass numbers she was refurbishing are called Chiavari chairs. Not only are they especially for weddings, they’ve featured in a music clip with rocker Rod Stewart. You’re In My Heart also rings true for football fans (that’s soccer fans!).


Contact me

Natasha is an expert on all things DIY, renovating and home improvement! Get in touch if you'd like to have a chat!

+61 410 325 575

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